Dixie Carter Talks About Bischoff's Status, Knockout Plans, Russo, A TNA Video Game & More

TNA President Dixie Carter took more #AskDixie questions during last night's episode of Impact Wrestling. Here are some highlights, courtesy of TNAsylum.com:
Hey Dixie, when will the Slammiversary location be announced?

Next week.

Dixie what about all the negative press about the wrestlers not getting paid
Interesting how that all came out when we released talent.
Are there any plans to bring back Brooke Tessmacher & Taryn Terrell?
Brooke is currently with us. Taryn is about to become a mom.
Any update on your long term relationship with Spike TV?
They are great partners. Meetings happening re:several TNA programs.
Will there be an X-Division match at Lockdown?
Dixie Carter Talks About Bischoff's Status, Knockout Plans, Russo, A TNA Video Game & More
Dixie, there is talk of a new wrestling promotion by a former business partner of yours. So how are you going to compete with this new wrestling company? Finally would you see this new promotion as competition?
I only compete with things that are real. And I take that very seriously.
#AskDixie - Any word on a new TNA video game?
Would love to have one. Working on something right now.
Dixie - Will Bellator stars King Mo or Rampage Jackson be returning to Impact Wrestling anytime soon?
Both will be begin training again for wrestling after their fight tomorrow.
Dixie, TNA has been around for 12 years, and alot of talent left during that time. So what is your opinion of past wrestlers saying negative things towards your company?
Unfortunately, that seems to be more common than not.
Are there any plans to do another Knockouts PPV special this year?
I think so.
#AskDixie Will you ever bring back the Knockout's Tag Team Titles. Those titles were a good part of the Knockout division.
A possibility. The KO division is about to get a shake up.
Do you regret inducting Kurt Angle into the TNA HOF knowing he has been going around practically and publically begging to go back to that other company??
Are you kidding? Kurt helped change the landscape for our company. Very deserving.
What's the current status of Eric Bischoff and TNA Wrestling?
BHE Exec produces our show
What is your greatest accomplishment and your greatest mistake in regards to TNA?
Greatest accomplishment is the amazing growth TNA has experienced. Mistake….being too loyal.
Thoughts on Vince Russo?
Very talented writer.
All the rumors about TNA being sold got a bit out of hand . How sure are you that TNA will be here in another 10 years?
As sure as I was 12 years ago…. and obviously much more. 12 years ago we only dreamed about the kind of success we are having today.