John Cena Talks About Hulk Hogan Returning At WrestleMania XXX (Updated), Gay Athletes

Source: Larry King Now

John Cena was recently interviewed by Larry King to discuss his new fitness program '10 Weeks BodyChange,' health foods, the WWE Network and pills and weight loss surgery for the morbidly obese.

He also speaks out in support of gay athletes and shares a story of how at sixteen, he supported his older brother coming out. He noted that with Michael Sam, there's going to be a period of adjustment in the NFL, but not being able to accept an individual for living their life the way they want is "just downright ignorance."
Cena also discussed Hulk Hogan possibly returning to WWE for WrestleMania XXX. Cena called Hogan "our Babe Ruth" said that he's heard the rumors, but that he'll believe it when he sees it. When King asked if Cena would know if Hogan was returning, Cena admitted to knowing a lot of things, "but you really can't tell with The Hulkster."
"I'll believe it when I see it, I would love to see him, and I would love for him to be a part of WrestleMania XXX. He was part of WrestleMania 1, he kinda started the whole phenomenon."
Cena talked about being captivated by Hogan when he was a child. Cena pretty much said that personally as a fan he hopes that Hogan doesn't wrestle since "it's a young man's game," and he's used to help celebrate that WrestleMania is turning 30.
You can check out the full interview at this link.