TNA Impact Wrestling Results: March 20 2014

TNA IMPACT Wrestling March 20 2014 Starts with Abyss and Eric Young brawling in the back with ODB cheering EY on and then yelling for help as the Monster begins to beat EY down.
EY nails Abyss with a low blow and then starts wailing on Abyss with a large chain. They then come through the curtain and continue to brawl all the way to the ring, as they are to be chained together for the match later in the night between Magnus and Samoa Joe.
The former friends brawl for several minutes in the ring in an impromptu Street Fight. Abyss splashed EY with a Black Hole slam and then severely chokes out EY in the ropes with the steel chain.
ODB hugs a totally demolished EY as Mike Tenay and Taz introduce the card for the night.
EC3's music plays and he goes to the ring followed by Bobby Lashley.
EC3 vs Bobby Lashley
Back from the break and EC3 and Lashley are going at it in the ring. Lashley totally exhibits his massive power on Dixie's "nephew". Carter goes to the outside of the ring and Lashley follows and show's his inexperience as EC3 takes control o the outside.
Once back in the ring the competitors fight back and forth. The announcers continue to fill us in on all of the credentials Lashley has from amateur wrestling to MMA. With the crowd chanting Bob-by, Bob-by - Carter hits a reverse mule kick low blow on Lashley and EC3 starts to head to the back as the referee starts the count out.
Out from the back comes Willow and starts a major beat down on EC3 similar to the beating Rockstar Spud took last week. Carter is able to escape while Willow climbs to the top of a ladder.
EC3 win via DQ caused by Willow
Video clip of Bully Ray in Nashville, TN at Dixie Carter's office. Bully is upset that Dixie is making him wait.
Backstage at the arena, Samoa Joe and MVP are talking about EY not being there to be chained to Abyss. MVP assures Joe that someone will be chained to the Monster during the championship match.
Angelina Love says that Velvet Sky is going to have a decision to make tonight.
You can Tweet Live with Ken Anderson during tonight's broadcast @mrkenanderson and use #ASKAnderson.
In the back, Magnus tells EC3 that he no longer needs Aunt "D"and that he is kicking her to the curb. Magnus says all that he needs is Abyss.
Out comes Gunner to the ring. He talks about beating James Storm at Lockdown, and he points out his father sitting in the front row. Gunner gives a heart warming talk about his father and then the music of James Storm begins to play.
Storm comes out and introduces himself to Gunner's dad. Storm insults Gunner's dad and Gunner when Gunner can't take anymore and they brawl. Storm hits Gunner with a vicious Last Call superkick and then handcuffs the former Marine to the ring ropes.
Storm brings Gunner's dad inside the rail and with a helpless Gunner watching, Storm nails Gunner's dad with his beer bottle.
Gail Kim talks in the back about Lei'D Tapa and their upcoming match.
After the commercial, DJ Zema and the Bro Mans talk junk to Sanada and Tigre Uno and after they make total asses of themselves, , there is a 3-way tag match announced for later in the show with the Bro Mans vs. The Wolves vs Sanada and Uno.
In a match where Lei'D Tapa must win or leave TNA, it's Gail Kim vs. her former friend Lei'D Tapa.

Gail Kim vs Lei'D Tapa
Tapa show several power moves as Kim displays her technical expertise. After a nasty Eat The Feet, Kim gets the pin and Tapa is done in TNA.
Winner of the Match - Gail Kim, and that puts Tapa out of TNA
Back from the break, MVP is trying to talk Willow into being the person to be chained to Abyss. Following a very Willow"esqe" talk he turns down the boss.
Angelina Love is in the ring and calls Velvet Sky to the ring to make her decision - a week was long enough to make a decision. Velvet comes down and talks about the good times and the bad times of The Beautiful People.
After making everyone think that she was going to turn Angelina down. Velvet says that The Beautiful People are back. They invite Madison Rayne back into Beautiful People as well. The Knockouts champs turns down the offer and walks out of the ring.
During an interview with Magnus - the champ calls Abyss his business partner. Samoa Joe interrupts and tells Magnus that he will make him tap out later tonight.
3-way tag match is next.
The Bro Mans vs The Wolves vs Tigre Uno and Sanada
DJ Z annoys everyone with his introduction of the Bro Mans. Then it's Tigre Uno and Sanada next. The Bro Mans demand that the international team lay down and give the tag champions the win.
Uno grabs the mic and says "NO" and the brawl begins and the Bro Mans retreat up the ramp, only to be met by The Wolves.

After the break, all three teams show tremendous teamwork and high impact moves. DJ Z gets involved by distracting Sanada while the Bro Mans wipe out Uno in the ring and the Champs get the pin on the Mexican star to retain their belts.
Winners of the match and still TNA Tag Team Champions - The Bro Mans
Angleina is upset that Madson Rayne reacted the way she did. Velvet says that Angelina should go talk to Madison.
The King of the Night video plays.
Angelina and Madison are talking in the back. Angelina says she's changed, but then attacks the Kockouts Champion and tells the champ to never disrespect her again.
MVP announces to Samoa Joe in the back that MVP will be the one chained to Abyss.
Video package of Knux. Then Taz teases about the meeting between Bully Ray and Dixie Carter.

Bully Ray says enough waiting and busts into Dixie's office. A one sided discussion takes place with Bully doing all the talking. Bully explains that he double crossed Dixie because she tried to control him.
Bully decides he's tired of talking to the back of Dixie's chair and spins the chair around to find Dixie not there. Bully is attacked by Bobby Roode. Roode wipes Bully out and leaves him laying in Dixie's office while screaming DON'T SCREW WITH ME.
Out first is Joe accompanied by MVP as we go to break.
replay of Gunner and Storm's confrontation with Storm busting a beer bottle over the head of Gunner's Dad.
TNA Championship Match vs Samoa Joe

Out comes Magnus with Abyss and then Abyss is handcuffed to MVP.
The bell rings and The Champ mixes it up with Joe and Joe appears to have an injury to his midsection.
Magnus starts to take advantage of the apparent injury to Joe and each time that Joe starts to gain a little momentum, Magnus goes back to work on the midsection

Samoa Joe is in tremendous pain and Magnus show great ability in taking away Joe's ability to get anything going while nothing is going on with MVP and Abyss who are chained together.
At one point, Joe nails Magnus with a huge power slam but cant even make the cover.
The referee gets knocked down and then Abyss and MVP begin to mix it up on the outside. As Abyss grabs a baf of thumb tacks, MVP unlocks to chain to get the tacks and throw them up the ramp. Abyss takes advantage of MVP's being distracted and nails the boss with a chair shot.
Samoa Joe starts to fly through the ropes at the Monster, but Abyss nails Joe with the steel chair in the midsection. Magnus climbs to the top rope and nails Joe with the flying elbow for the victory.
Winner of the match and stil the TNA Heavyweight Champion - Magnus.
To wrap things up this week, the crowd was good again, but no way near as hot as during the previous show. The action was good, but again not at the same level as last week. Several story lines were advanced with the Gunner vs Storm feud continuing, and The Beautiful People issues that came to a head tonight.
To recap the actual matches:
EC3 get the DQ win over Bobby Lashley when Willow attacks Carter.
Gail Kim pins Lei'D Tapa and Tapa now must leave TNA.
The Bro Mans retain the Tag Titles in a 3-way match against The Wolves, Sanada and Tigre Uno.
Magnus gets the win over an injured Samoa Joe, with the help of his business partner Abyss.