Hulk Hogan Comments On Response To His WWE Return, Tons Of Hogan Media, Coach's Hogan Story

The Associated Press story on Hulk Hogan's WWE return that we reported about last night is now everywhere, including Salon, AOL, FOX News, CTV News and many other outlets.
Variety has an article about Hogan returning to WWE at this link, while Digital Spy has one here that contains recent quotes from Seth Rollins and Big E before Hogan's return was official. Rollins had said that Hogan returning would be "great," but he "could end up getting triple-powerbombed." Big E noted that Hogan returning would be good for business and could bring back viewers that no longer watch wrestling.

- Hogan commented on the massive response to his return, writing on his Twitter, "The WRESTLEMANIA return of Hulkamania has turned into a monster already,I'm so grateful to be back home brother HH"
- Jonathan Coachman was on 97.9 ESPN and shared his favorite Hulk Hogan story. Coach talked about Hogan being a big partier back in the day, and said that one time in Boston in the 80s, Hogan asked Coach if he could change in his room to be away from everyone. During the time, Coach was working with Entertainment Tonight. Someone apparently made a crack about Hogan not being able to hang anymore, and Hogan told them to "pick their poison" and they'd go all night long, which he did. Coach said it "was awesome." Coach also told a story about a backstage segment with The Rock and Eugene