Will RAW And SmackDown Be On The WWE Network One Day?, How Talent Will Be Compensated, More

As noted earlier, CBS Pittsburgh has published a new article about the WWE Network. The article included the video below of Stephanie McMahon answering questions about the Network. Here are some highlights of topics we haven't covered before:
- She said the Network came about because the fans demanded it.

- In terms of their relationship with cable companies, she hopes they will still carry their pay-per-views and wants them to be as accessible as possible so fans can watch them at anytime, anywhere.
- As for pay-per-view bonuses for wrestlers and what affect the Network will have on them, she said that talent is compensated across all lines of revenue. She said that their performers are always treated well because they wouldn't have a business without them.
- She said that there are no plans to have RAW and SmackDown on the Network, but you never know down the road.
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